Lanarkshire Print & Media Ltd, saving you money by carefully sourcing products and supplies

Lanarkshire Print & Media – Saving You Money

Lanarkshire Print are committed to offering our customers the best possible deals on printing prices without sacrificing quality.
How can we compete with print companies producing their own products?
As we are print brokers and not manufactures, we have access to and can can offer just about any type of printed or promotional product. This gives us a great advantage over normal printing companies in choice and service. With nearly 25 years experience in the print sector, we know.
As we place far more orders through suppliers than the average customer ever could, this enables us to negotiate far better price deals. These deals allow us to make a markup on our orders whilst in most cases still offering our customers a better price that they could obtain directly.
We also keep our overheads to an absolute minimum, we do not operate retail outlets and have no company fleet. We carry out virtually all admin and proofing electronically and operate using the most efficient and up to date hardware and software.

Minimum Overheads
By cutting out expensive High Street locations and commercial office space we can slash our premises budget to practically nothing. We also save on staff costs by using self-employed agents as and when required.
Sub Contractors
Our subcontractor network has been chosen very carefully ensuring all products offered are of the highest quality at the lowest possible prices. By placing particular product orders with the most suitable supplier we can save a great deal of money especially where customers require a number of different items.

No Bad Debt & Credit Offset
Many companies have to place a charge on every order to cover offering credit terms to customers. These charges are necessary to offset the many late payments and bad debts occurring these days. Bad debt is now one of the top reasons for business failure in this country. We feel that this is unfair on the customers who are willing to pay for their orders and therefore require payment before we can process print orders.

Artwork & Origination Savings
Most artwork requirements are handled in-house, again keeping costs to a minimum. Where we really can make a difference is by utilising existing customer artwork over a number of different product requirements. Eg. if we have supplied artwork for say a brochure, it is far less expensive to adapt that existing artwork for perhaps a full colour banner, or maybe a website, or even full colour vehicle graphics. This saves our customers having to pay different companies to produce similar artwork for different items.

Reduced Transport Costs
Where possible we avoid unnecessary travel costs. Technology is now at a stage where it is possible to conduct most business either by telephone or by e-mail and on-line services. This keeps fuel and vehicle costs to a minimum, especially considering the increasing fuel costs and further rises imminent. There will be times where face to face meetings are essential and we are happy to meet whenever required.

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