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Top 10 Business Card Tips

Your business card is often the first point of contact with a client; make sure the card does not bring a new business relationship to an end before it’s even started.

You only get once chance at creating a first impression. Don’t you just hate clichés? I avoid them like the plague. Seriously though, if you present a poor quality card you might as well tell the client your business isn’t reputable, you are not confident about that business, your product is poor quality, you do not believe in that product and you probably will not be around long. So, all that said, here are some tips for creating a good business card.

1.     Get Noticed

Make sure your message is clear, let the contact know who you are, what you do, where you are based and how to contact you. You’d be amazed at the number of cards we see that are missing important contact details. If possible have an address and a landline telephone number. When people are dealing with new companies and especially if parting with money, they want to know the supplier is not going to disappear overnight or be difficult to trace if things go wrong.

2.     Personalise

You may want to use a photograph. People are far more likely to keep a business card that has a photograph of either a person or a product. If using your own photo, smile and look at the camera. Eye contact is a key element in establishing trust and credibility.

3.     Brand Image

Know and research your market, people feel comfortable with particular designs, formats and colours. Whilst it’s good to stand out, you do want to pay attention to what works within your market sector. A good graphic designer is vital in this process.

4.     Design

Have your card professionally designed, don’t ‘knock up’ a layout in MS Word or Publisher and expect results. Templates offered by many of the budget printers are also a poor choice. I was recently at a networking meeting where 3 people had the same style of card. You and your companies are unique, your corporate brand and identity should be too. Your card should be easy to read with any key message prominent. Do not overload the card with information.

5.     Maximise Impact

A card has two sides, why waste an opportunity, use both sides, let contacts know more on what you do or maybe highlight an offer.

6.     Quality

We have all seen adverts for ‘250 Business Cards for a fiver’ or indeed less. Here’s a tip, keep the fiver in your pocket, you will do your company less harm than you will by presenting one of these cards. What kind of message do you want to portray? Even worse are the free cards that carry an imprint on the back promoting another company with the massage, ‘Printed free by’

7.     Card Weight

Your card needs to be printed properly on a good weight of card and preferable matt or gloss laminated. This is another reason to avoid the budget printers that print on flimsy card which feels more like a heavy paper.

8.     Finish

Do remember, gloss cards can sometimes be difficult to read because of glare and reflections, especially by visually impaired readers. You may be better to consider a matt laminated card. Another advantage of laminated cards is they do not stick or leave marks on the inside of a business card wallet.

9.     Size Matters

Keep to the industry recognised size of 55 x 85mm (the same size as a credit card) just about every card wallet is designed for this size. Print it bigger and it won’t fit, if it doesn’t fit it doesn’t get kept. Also, print it too small and people lose it. The main reason for handing out a card is to be remembered, you won’t be remembered if your card is in the bin.

10. QR Codes

Many businesses are now using QR (Quick Response) codes to allow users with smart phone easy access to contact details, links, websites, offers etc. How many times have you seen this used recently on products, vehicles, even on TV. We can provide a QR code, free of charge for your business card.

If you want an effective business card which will reflect quality and professionalism, we can help. We have some great special offers on high quality, laminated business cards printed full colour on both sides. Check out or website for more details. Watch for more useful tips from Lanarkshire Print & Media Ltd