Aerial Drone, Video and Photography

The sky is no longer a limit.  We offer a full range of Video and Photography services using the latest Aerial Drone Technology.

Take your Promotional & Training Video Content to the next level?

A few years ago creating a few minutes of Aerial Video contents would have cost a significant 5 figure sum.  Today we have a huge potential to create engaging and informative Aerial Video for a fraction of this cost using UHD 4k Aerial Drones.  If you are not using this to your advantage, please contact us today to find out more.

Events & Projects

Gain a completely different perspective on an event or project filming from the air with our Aerial Video Drones.  Why restrict your view to ground based filming when we can offer you ultra high definition 4k UHD quality.

Sports Events

It has never been easier to capture all the action at a sports event.  Aerial Drone footage can be especially effective at events like Open Golf, Cycle Races, Marathons etc.


Cut the time and cost involved in property surveys and roof inspections. Using our Ultra High Resolution 4k Aerial Drones, we can quickly present a detailed view of potential issues without the expense of scaffolding, cherry pickers, harness systems, specialists and lengthy health and safety assessments.
Subject to legal conditions, we can potentially quickly ascertain what issues a property or structure may have, saving you thousands of pounds.

Property Sales

Add a whole new perspective when selling or marketing property.  Especially effective on large homes, country estates, farms etc.  With our aerial drones and specialist cameras, we can capture all the best features of any property whether indoor or outdoor, potentially helping to secure a higher value for your home sale.

Tourism Video

With more people opting to stay within the UK for their holidays, no is the time to ensure that your venue is properly promoted.  Rather than try to explain your facilities using text and images, why not consider a video showing the fun and excitement of your facilities.  

Our Aerial Drone Video Facilities

DJI Inspire

Our DJI Inspire allows us the flexibility of different lens options to get the exact shot we need, every time in 4k UHD resolution.  It has a ‘retractable’ undercarriage which allows us a full 360deg view without obstruction.
For more complex applications, this aerial drone is capable of seperate pilot and camera operation.

DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro is a great option for occasions where the DJI Inspire may not be suitable.  This may include indoor filming which can safely be conducted due to the many safety features of this great drone. It again offers 4k UHD capabilities.

GoPro Hero

Although not an actual aerial drone, we have used this little gem of a camera on aeroplanes, helicopters, trucks, motorcycles, classic cars and even inside large chemical vats.
It has full 4k UHD capabilities and is excellent in getting into spaces that are either too small or too dangerous to take a normal camera.
It is also great for Slow Motion and Time Lapse filming.

Our Other Video & Photography Capabilities

Sony FS5 4k UHD Camera

The Sony FS5 is a very versatile camera which we find equally at home in the studio or out on location.  We have a number of zoom and prime lenses available to suit most filming situations.

Panasonic GH5 4k UHD DSLR

We never thought that a DSLR camera could ever replace dedicated video cameras, but we were wrong.  The results we get from this camera, especially in low light and action sequecncies is outstanding.

DJI Osmo Pro

‘Run & Gun’ situations have always been a tricky prospect for videographers trying to capture movement without making your audience motion sick.  Our DJI Osmo with interchangeable lens options solves this problem keeping the action rock steady.

Crane 3 Axis Gimbal

Wouldn’t it be great we thought, if we had the quality and flexibility of the GH5 with the ‘steady cam’ features of the Osmo.  Well, thanks to the Zhiyun Crane 3 Axis electronic gimbal, we have.  WIth this, we cut down significantly on the equipment and time needed to get your ideal shots.

Green/Blue Screen

It is not always possible, feasible or desirable to shoot on location.  Using our green screen facilities we can shoot the required footage and then in our state of the art editing suite, add many location backgrounds or other special effects.

LED Studio Lighting

Proper lighting is vital in any quality video shoot.  Our portable LED lighting allows as to light any subject perfectly adding depth and colour to the shot.  LED lighting not only give us far more flexibility but is also far safer than traditional studio lighting.

AutoCue Teleprompter

Our portable studio AutoCue Teleprompter is without doubt one of our most useful facilities.  Being able to read from your script whilst maintaining eye contact with the camera, and therefore your subject, saves a lot of time avoiding re-takes.

Sennheiser Studio Mics

One of the biggest faults in video production is sound.  Too many videographers rely on internal camera microphones which just are not suitable for quality recording.  We have a full range of professional Sennheiser studio, shotgun and wireless lapel microphones to capture the perfect sound.

Vehicle Mounting Solutions

Not many video production companies can offer a proper vehicle filming service.  Lanarkshire Print & Video have a full range of vehicle mounts to suit most cars, vans, trucks, buses, even boats and aeroplanes.

Full Lens Range

We have a full range of zoom and prime lenses for our range of Panasonic and Sony cameras allowing us to capture a huge range of subjects.  From fast track and sports action to beautiful depth of field shots for portrait, wedding or interview requirements. 

Video Training

Perhaps you are considering filming and posting your own content. Unless you have a basic understanding of video production, you may be doing your company image more harm than good. If you however wish to consider this route, we offer training workshops and seminars designed to give you a basic understanding of the principals involved in good video production. Please check our events section for more information on these events.


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